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.aaf issues on export

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  • .aaf issues on export

    Hi there I currently am having issues exporting .aaf files from my Edius where some of the exported .aaf audio files peak over 0db and sound outputs distorted with clicking audio.

    I use Edius for broadcast TV and when sending my files from Edius to be sound mixed on pro tools by our sound mixer, many times the audio files (although a little bit loud when my monitoring on my timeline), excport as distorted and unusable audio files for broadcast with clicking and muffled loud audio.

    When monitoring the audio clips on my timeline the files are fine, but it is only when I export them (with deleted automations on all audio clips so that it's compatible for pro tools) that they somehow distort. On multiple occasions I've had to settle for bad quality .aaf files to be broadcasted on Television which I prefer not to do.

    Is there any chance you could have a look into why this might be happening, I need to get this issue sorted so that it doesn't continue to happen for Television broadcast.

    I am currently working from an EDIUS 9 and also an EDIUS X (which seems to export .aaf's a bit better than the 9 but still some clips distorted).

    I was told that it may have something to do with my .aaf settings - but I've kept them the same since before the issue started occuring so unsure as to what the problem is?

    Any help would be much appreciated.​

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    HI There ,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Can you tel me which version of EDIUS X you are using . Also important is a screen shot of the AAF setting panel.
    We need all the details to see if we can reprodcue what ypu are reporting

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