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Simple Dissolve Transition Not Working

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  • Vaughan Wood
    "In the middle of the clip, I edit out and delete several frames, leaving a cut point"

    Reading your description, this is NOT the way to insert a transition.

    If you leave empty frames on the timeline a transition cannot be inserted.

    With your description above you may need to right click in the gap and delete gap, or use ripple cut (alt X) instead of delete to get rid of the offending frames.

    Try this.

    Just go to your clip, cut it, and insert a transition. Done!

    If this works then you know that you have to work out what mode you are working in, as to why it won't work.

    Hope this helps,


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  • Thor

    I dragged the remainder of the clip (to the right) up to the V2 track, and overlapped the earlier portion of the clip below on the VA track.

    I can now play with the Dissolve and make it work, with dual track editing.

    Question: Is there a single track editing feature, that automatically "overlaps" the ends of the clips for simple dissolves?

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  • Thor
    started a topic Simple Dissolve Transition Not Working

    Simple Dissolve Transition Not Working

    I upgraded to 4.54, hoping that would solve the below problem. It didn't.

    I place a video clip on the timeline (VA) . It is standard def DV-AVI.

    In the middle of the clip, I edit out and delete several frames, leaving a cut point.

    I use the CNTL-P command (or click the Transition button) with the edit line on top of the cut.

    It shows a transition on the timeline extending out 15 frames in both directions from the center of the cut. On either side of the cut line are little blue and yellow rectangles.

    On playback, there is no dissolve. Just the abrupt change from one scene to the next.

    I tried rendering. It made no difference.

    I have a call in to Support.

    Any suggestions?