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Optimal Workplace Windows arrangements

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  • Optimal Workplace Windows arrangements

    I'm just wondering about peoples preferred workplace window arrangement and display resolution in Edius and what works best for them/why? Any Screen Shots?

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    That will depend on your desktop resolution and how many monitors you have

    my main mon is 2560x1440 at 100% scaling and attached is my layout

    the waveform mon is on a second mon of 1920x1080 at 100% scaling

    Anton Strauss
    Antons Video Productions - Sydney

    EDIUS X WG with BM Mini Monitor 4k and BM Mini Recorder, Gigabyte X299 UD4 Pro, Intel Core i9 9960X 16 Core, 32 Threads @ 4.3Ghz, Corsair Water Cooling, Gigabyte RTX-2070 Super 3X 8GB Video Card, Samsung 860 Pro 512GB SSD for System, 8TB Samsung Raid0 SSD for Video, 2 Pioneer BDR-209 Blu-ray/DVD burners, Hotswap Bay for 3.5" Sata and 2.5" SSD, Phanteks Enthoo Pro XL Tower, Corsair 32GB DDR4 Ram, Win10 Pro


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      275C099C-B4EF-4279-AA13-2F6105047F38.jpg My default setup is 3 screens, see image. The biggest issue I have is that Edius doesn’t like dealing with screens of different sizes and it always opens with the bin window halfway across the main screen, but I have a shortcut key that corrects that and then most of the time it stays there fine. This is a 1080 42” main, 1080 for the bin and a 4K preview monitor.

      Steadicam Operator
      Edius 6.06, DVC, Intel i7 950 3.06Ghz, GA-X58A 12Gb RAM, GT450, HDSpark Windows 7 64 bit.


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        My single monitor editing suite.
        Why no more monitors: Lack of space (I'm a hobby filmmaker).​
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        HW: ASUS Z170-A; Proz: i7-6700K; RAM: 32 GB DDR4; GPU: RTX-3070, 8GB GDDR5; SSD: SAMSUNG-850-Pro, 500 GB
        SW: WIN-10/64 PRO (22H2-19045-2364​​), Firefox u.a.
        NLE: EDIUS-X(10.34.11184)-WG​​​; RESOLVE-18.5.00025 Studio

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          Here is my two monitor layout. I also have an external preview monitor which is my main viewing monitor. I prioritize timeline space/layers as the 24" monitor is all timeline.

          HQX 4.jpg
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          Asus PrimeZ690A - Intel i9 13900K - 32GB RAM - NVidia GTX1070 - Edius X WG - BM Intensity 4k - Boris RED - Vitascene 2 - Windows 11