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QuickSync/NVidia Encode Times Normal?

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  • QuickSync/NVidia Encode Times Normal?

    I was just wondering if someone would know if the following is a typical/reasonable result given my new system's hardware specs (*see below) ...

    Rendering a ~3min h.265/HEVC 59.94, 3840x2160 MP4 from the timeline (no filters or effects) took the following times to render out:
    1. Hardware Encoder (QuickSync): 2m 10s
    2. Nvidia GPU Encoder: 2m 5s
    3. Software Encoder: 2m 42s

    Are these decent times? It certainly is faster than my old machine (of course) but I feel like they are lackluster, as I thought I have seen people with much older builds encoding a similar 3-minute clip in a third of the time (like around 1 minute to encode.) Also, not a huge difference between the two HW encodes and the SW encode.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    * System Specs:
    CPU: Intel Core i9-13900k (5.8Ghz) (E-cores DISABLED)
    Mboard: MSI MPG Z690 Carbon
    Memory: 128GB G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5 (5600) SDRAM
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 3070ti (8GB)
    Drives: 3x Dedicated Gen 4 NVMe drives (#1 OS/Programs, Forum Pagefile/Scratch Disk, and Blogs Video Work Drive) + multiple SSD Project Drives, etc.
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    If you could provide a sample file for us to test via wetransfer then youd have a idea how it compares to other pc configurations, just a 30 sec testclip would do, as long as its a clip straight from the card


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      Very interested in the outcome!
      Asus PrimeZ690A - Intel i9 13900K - 32GB RAM - NVidia GTX1070 - Edius X WG - BM Intensity 4k - Boris RED - Vitascene 2 - Windows 11


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        I'll have to locate a smaller one that is around that length, but as soon as I can I will post the link here. Thanks!
        MAIN SYSTEM:


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          Or just point your camera towards the ceiling, floor or anything random outside and let it record a few seconds, the content doesnt matter for the test, only the codec does. We can always duplicate that clip several times to get a 3min clip for a exporttest. Its also important to include your project and exportsettings
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