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    How do I export 4K to 100 gigabytes Blu-ray Disc using a UHD burner from edius workflow and specific settings please.

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    I haven't heard of a BD-R holding 100Gb. I thought they only held 25 GB. Perhaps a dual layer could hold 50 Gb? Wish I could be of more help.


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      BD-XL disc do 100GB. Are you wanting to export files to the disc or Author them?
      Check out DVD FAB for UHD authoring.
      DVDFab UHD Creator is world's 1st consumer level 4K UHD authoring software to produce professional level home-made 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays from 4K videos of all formats.

      My understanding is any disc burner that
      supports BD-XL discs can write UHD to disc. However, doing it directly thru Edius is unlikely.
      To playback the disc on a UHD compatible TV, you will need a UHD stand alone player.

      If this is for personal use, get a 128GB thumbdrive for your UHD TV. Verify if your TV can handle that. My LG does as well as supporting MKV. I believe it will also handle up to a 2TB drive. Each tv manufacturer is different so find out before purchasing.
      I've seen 128GB thumbdrives in the $35 range.
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