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  • EDIUS and NDI

    In EDIUS X Version 10.34.9631 we have introduced NDI (Network Device Interface )​.

    NDI information is detailed on the following pages.

    Easily transition to video over IP with NDI, Network Device Interface technology, and ready-to-use software enabling interconnected production workflows.

    Questions about EDIUS and NDI. (This will be updated as we get questions relevant to the subject)

    1 Is the output via NDI the same as a dedicated I/O device ?

    The handling of the signal is completely different. For critical monitoring we recommend using a dedicated I/O board.

    2 What is the difference between using the HDMI output from my laptop and output via a NDI to HDMI converter?

    There is a difference in image quality.
    Re-converting to HDMI via NDI with a converter or the like lowers the image quality, and problems such as frame skipping can easily occur depending on the network conditions.

    3 Can EDIUS output to NDI and I/O board at the same time

    NDI is output at the same time as the frame buffer is transferred to the IO board.
    Conversely, EDIUS can both output to the IO board and NDI Output.

    4 Which version of NDI does EDIUS support?

    In EDIUS X Version 10.34.9631 the NDI SDK version is Advanced SDK 5.5.

    5 Does EDIUS support 10 bit over NDI?

    EDIUS passes the maximum value of 10bit 4:2:2 to the SDK.

    6 Can I output HDR through NDI with EDIUS?

    EDIUS maintains and transmits code values.
    Since there is no definition for color space, it cannot be implemented.

    7 Premiere and Final Cut have special plugins from manufacturers, I don't See EDIUS. Will EDIUS work with all NDI to HDMI converters?

    EDIUS supports NDI directly natively, no plug-in is required.
    As long as the specification limits of the receiving device are met, there should be compatibility.

    Get Support or the Latest version of EDIUS:
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