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Two Edius Questions

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  • Two Edius Questions

    First question, how do I go between video tracks while fullscreen? For instance when I A/B a video above another video track I have to exit fullscreen and click Video Mute on the track to check the other one. Is there maybe a keyboard shortcut?

    Second question, is there a DVD bitrate calculator built into Edius for when I export MPEG-2?


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    Answer 1, If the the upper track is a single clip, you can select it and then use the "0" key to mute and unmute the clip when in full screen. I am not aware of a track shortcut, but if you have a dig in the keyboard mappings you may fine one that can be mapped. In lieu of that, it the upper track is nested in a container, the "0" should work on the container.

    Answer 2, the DVD exporter will calculate expected file size based on the bitrate you choose, but it doesn't do the reverse. There are online calculators available, but to be honest, the math is not complicated. Basically, bitrate x duration in seconds = filesize, (make sure to account for the audio too if you are really trying to fill a disc. You also want to make sure you convert bits/bytes so it makes sense in the end. Conversion between bits and bytes is a factor of 8 (8 bits in 1 byte), bits are usually used for data rates and bytes are usually used for file size. Conversion between kilo, mega, and giga are factors of 1000

    ie. 1Mbps for a duration of 1 Minute:
    1Mbps x 60s = 60Mb (small b is bits)
    60Mb / 8 = 7.5MB (big B is Bytes)
    7.5MB x 1000 = 7500KB
    7.5MB / 1000 = 0.0075GB
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      you can use the Diskburner as a calculator for bitrate

      say your file needs to be 10gb or less, use the Blu-ray part of the diskburner and change the video bitrate until you see the desired file size, you may have to do this a few times, then when the file size is correct, you will know the bitrate

      I do this all the time when exporting elementary streams from EDIUS9 for authoring in DVD-Lab Pro, I change bitrate until file size is 4.3GB or less to allow room for menu and menu audio etc.

      Note: EDIUS X no longer has an elementary stream exporter, I have no idea why as this is essential for DVD and or Blu-ray
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