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EdiusX Conversion from SDR to HDR in PCC

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  • EdiusX Conversion from SDR to HDR in PCC


    Project UHD HDR HLG 50p

    If I put Sony SLOG3 CineEI onto the timeline from my FS7 camera (XAVCI) and apply the PCC it automatically recognises the gamma curve and the previously grey looking clip comes to life and looks good on the waveform monitor.

    OK Good.

    If I now take a BT709 clip from the same camera and put it on the same timeline the video is over 100%.

    If I now add PCC to the BT709 clip the video is limited to 400NITS (HDR/SDR Gain = 12dB) on the waveform monitor and attempting to push up the exposure results in the video limiting to 400NITS (Clipping).

    If the HDR/SDR gain is disabled the video is limited to 150NITS.

    It would appear that there is insufficient HDR/SDR gain to properly convert the BT709 clip to HDR.

    If that 400Nits is actually the correct representation of SDR on HLG gamma then that's fine, but what it shouldn't do is hard clip.

    The BT709 clip can be adjusted correctly using the YUV curve but not the PCC.

    So let's now set to HDR PQ.

    Again the SLOG3 clip is correctly exposed and hits the 1000Nits line on the waveform monitor with PCC applied.

    But on the BT709 clip PCC makes it look like an SLOG3 clip without any LUT applied, whilst the peak is about 800NITS, the blacks are grey.

    Going the other way round with a BT709 project the BT709 clip was slightly over exposed so that can be brought back with PCC exposure and the SLOG3 clip remains correctly exposed.

    So SLOG3 in either SDR or an HDR project is correctly set with PCC but not a BT709 clip in an HDR project.

    If we go back to HLG the PCC still hasn't switched itself back to HLG it still reckons the destination is PQ - that is incorrect.

    If in PQ the destination LUT is changed to BT709/BT2100HLG for the BT709 clip there is no clipping, the blacks look good and the video goes up to 3,000NITS and can be brought back to 1000NITS with exposure at minus 23.

    Sadly the same trick doesn't work in HLG project settings.

    So there we have it, I think this needs looking at as it doesn't seem to be working logically in my opinion.


    Sys4: Edius9/XWG ASUS Z10PE-D16WS MB 2xE5-2696 Xeon 72 cores. 16TB RAID0 64G RAM RTX3090Ti. Samsung 55" QLED 1500 NIT HDR 4K TV. Storm3G Elite/Decklink 4K 12G HDR. Yamaha RX-A870 A/V 7.1 audio. Sys1-3 Edius 8.5 WG + RX-E1+HDBX1000 MIP HP xw8600 2 x X5492 CPU 8 cores, 8G RAM, GTX1080TI. All sys Fibred to central media pool - 5TB RAID + QLogic Fibre Switch. Central SD Pro VCR rack. All sys YUV & audio to theatre with Sony STR DN1040 7.1 audio amp with 1000W sub 63" HD 3D Samsung TV