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    Hi everyone!
    I am working with edius X (version 10.32) and also with sony a7 m4 (main camera)
    When shooting, sony apart from the main files, creates proxy files into a "SUB" folder.
    Is there any way when importing the 4k footage into my timeline to connect them with the proxy files that my camera has create?
    So as to work with the proxy files but when finished, to export with the 4k files.

    Thank you in advance

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    Are you using the source browser for import?

    If not can you please give us the steps of your import procedure?
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      Not exactly from the source browser.
      I prefer
      Bin -> Root -> right click -> Open folder


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        Not sure what file formats your camera shoots, since you didn't give any technical info, but if the files have the same names and timecodes, just a different extension and/or quality, you can batch relink by simply changing the file path or renaming the source folder in explorer, then use the relink offline files dialogue in Edius to point to the other files. If it works, be sure to check your edit/timeline for any linking errors, incorrect edits, wrong files, or missing files, just to be thorough so you can have confidence in what you are about to export.

        This will not work if the proxies and uhd files are named different, if the proxies are files (mp4, mov, mxf, etc)and the uhd content is a folder based structure with odd file names and sidecar metadata files, or if the proxy is something like an mp4 without timecode but the uhd file has timecode, because the referenced timecodes in the edit will be different (in this case they may link, but the timeline edits may be wrong).

        If this doesn't work the best option is to use the built in proxy mode, but this will take time to create proxies from the uhd files.
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          Great question about working with proxy files in Edius X. It's great that your Sony camera is creating proxy files for you, as they can be a huge cost-saver in terms of storage and editing performance. In terms of connecting the 4K footage with the proxy files, I'm not 100% sure, but you can check the Edius X manual or reach out to their support team for more detailed instructions. Keep in mind that using proxy files can also save on render time, which can save time and money in the long run. Also, I suggest paying attention to a proxy cost in the end.
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