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Edius X Proxy mode only saves CPU resources in half resolution

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  • Edius X Proxy mode only saves CPU resources in half resolution


    UHD 50p project.

    After some testing it seems that proxy mode (set to large) drops the CPU load by half but only in half resolution.

    In full resolution there is no saving on CPU load with or without the proxy on XAVCI clips.

    What I was hoping to do by setting the create proxy to manual, was only make proxies for difficult clips and playback the rest of the clips on the timeline in full resolution.

    That is not possible with the way this appears to work.

    I would like Edius to do what I hoped it would do play proxies at full res so that the non proxy clips are full res, can it be made to do that?

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    Reducing the resolution is effective for braw \ crawl \ prores \ arri format; However, most commonly used format of hevc (h265) \ H264 (xavc) has no effect.
    only solution is to purchase Intel DG2 independent graphics card to speed up the decoding of such video formats,Or look at the mood of EDIUS developers and when to support AMD and NVIDIA decoders.

    Another serious problem : In high resolution projects( >=4K ), rasterization of the playback window results in a large CPU footprint,Even just playing audio will consume a lot of CPU overhead. EDIUS currently uses d3dx9e for rasterization, and Da Vinci uses opengl for rasterization. OpenGL will not cause excessive CPU overhead due to high resolution.


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