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Multiple Colour correction filters

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  • createmedia
    Hello Matt

    I assume the project is BT 709 and the LUT converts the SLOG footage to BT709?

    The LUT itself is doing all the "contrast pushing" the YUV curve at the bottom of the PCC as far as I can see, is adjusting in the project gamma/colour space.

    Only if each camera had a constant colour correction throughout the footage, you could do the multicam cut with no PCC applied. (You can delete parts such as video filters i.e. the PCC from all the clips in the original multi-cam cut by selecting all clips but I wouldn't do that in the multi-cam edit as its nearly correct).

    So would it help to do the following:

    If you have adjusted settings in the PCC for each camera I suggest you save the user settings for each camera in the filters window by right clicking on the PCC in the pallet window (clip attributes) and save as a user setting. Also save off any other filter settings you have applied as a user setting.

    Copy each camera track from the multi-cam edit into a separate sequence. In the new camera sequences you can delete the PCC from each clip (select all clips, delete parts) as suggested above. (The original multi-cam edit is untouched)

    Then create a new final sequence, and then stack up each camera track sequence into the final sequence as a nested sequence, then you could apply the PCC you saved as a user PCC, but only once to each camera track in the final sequence. (Where the video is turned off from the multi-cam edit the nested sequence become see through)

    Now because the camera tracks are within a sequence, the PCC will assume that the sequence is the project colour space setting, so you will need to manually select the camera gamma/LUT in the PCC for the sequence otherwise nothing will appear to happen and the contrast won't jump up when you add the PCC as it won't auto detect the camera gamma.

    If the LUT itself isn't quite right, what you can do is create a still frame and bring it into Photoshop and create a new custom LUT in Photoshop and then import that to the PCC and apply that.

    Lots of variables here as to the size and detail of your problem, but that's my offer if it doesn't help with your problem I tried!


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  • advisiontv
    started a topic Multiple Colour correction filters

    Multiple Colour correction filters

    I have roughly graded a 2 hour multicam shoot from slog rushes with the LUT applied in Primary Colour Corrector. My director wants to come in a re-grade bits - but it would take ages to go into each tiny cut and tweak. If I reapply another Primary Colour Corrector to lift blacks for example, I’d have to turn the LUT off as it’s in the one above - but will I not have the full range of data available to tweak as it will be 709?
    hope that makes sense!?!