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Markers display in 10.30 does not work for nested sequences

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  • Markers display in 10.30 does not work for nested sequences


    In the current version-10.30 there is a new function which displays the markers in a sequence even if this sequence is used in another sequence as a nested-sequence.
    This affects both sequence-markers and existing clip-markers.
    In the nested-sequence, both mark types are displayed as clip-marks.
    This passing of marks-display into the "upper-sequences" is implemented to cascade up to the topmost upper-sequence.

    This function then works as described when a new project is created under the current version-10.30.

    If one opens a project from an earlier version (for example from 10.21), this function does not work or only partially.

    // My test project under version-10.30 can be seen as attachments.

    Has anyone experienced this behavior as well?
    Thanks for any answer
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    HW: ASUS Z170-A; Proz: i7-6700K; RAM: 32 GB DDR4; GPU: RTX-3070, 8GB GDDR5; SSD: SAMSUNG-850-Pro, 500 GB
    SW: WIN-10/64 PRO (22H2-19045-2364​​), Firefox u.a.
    NLE: EDIUS-X(10.34.11471)-WG​​​; RESOLVE-18.6.00006 Studio
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