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Black frame appears in export part 2

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  • Black frame appears in export part 2

    For those who have been subscribed to this forum for at least 4 years probably will remember the issues I had with black frames appearing in my exported films:, this with a brandnew pc (a amd 1950x and a gtx 1060)
    I was editing panasonic 4K 25P 100mbs 4:2:0 files and exporting in HD and 4K mp4, black frames would appear in random places, sometimes not, something 2 or 3, usually in longer exports but not always.

    I did whatever I could to troubleshoot but never found the problem, if you get bored you can read that old thread to see what I did, at some point I thought it had to be the GPU but I exchanged my gtx 1060 with a amd rx580 and still had black frames so I ruled out the GPU.

    Eventually I had to make a choice to either buy a new pc again or to find a other workaround, luckily I found a solution to first export from the native files to a 4K HQX avi, then run a ffmepg script which would locate the black frames and tell me where exactly, then bring that HQXAVI back in post, put it on top of the edit, cut out the black frames, export back to a HQXAVI and use that file to render my HD and 4K mp4 files. Every project was usually around 2 to 2,5 hours worth of finished footage and it took me a few hours extra for each project before I had file without black frames that I could deliver to my clients.

    I did that procedure for 4 years and recently decided it was time to leave that behind so got a new pc, a amd 5950x, I only moved my gtx 1060 and my intensity pro 4K card from my old pc to my new pc so everything else was new, I had a few shorter projects I had to finish, did those, exported and checked for black frames and all was fine.

    So this weekend I finished all projects and decided to reopen a older project that contained a 2 hour and 10 minute long ceremony and exported that as test, after 4 years of black frame issues you do get paranoia so I wanted to be sure. The very first export I did had 2 black frames!! I repeated the export 3 times, every single time there where 1 or 2 black frames, each time at different random places.

    So that left me with the BM card and my GPU that where the only parts left from my old pc, I removed the BM card, desinstalled desktop video and still got black frames, it took me exactly 5 minutes after that last export test to go online and order a new GPU, a rtx 3060Ti, paid 850euro for it which was a tough pill to swallow since I was planning to buy such a card but later this year when hopefully prices would go down. It arrived this morning and I have been exporting all day long from multiple longer projects and not a single black frame anymore! :)

    That still does not explain why I had black frames with a AMD card as well with my older pc, at this moment every part in the pc is new, except the BM intenstity card but that has not caused any issues today.

    So I finally can put this issue to rest as it has been haunting me for 4 years!