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  • Rendering

    What is the function of render in/out and render all?

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    If you want to render a section of the timeline you just set In and Out Points and then render that section.

    The render all renders the entire timeline and gives you the choice of rendering onlu red areas or yellow and red areas.



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      Thank you for the reply but I am asking exactly what is use of rendering? For what purpose is it used?


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        If your computer cannot handle a certain area (such as 5 layers and EDIUS keeps dropping frames) you can just set I/O points and render that area so you can watch it or output to tape (DV for example). You can also do Shift+ENTER to fill the buffer and play that area of the timeline, but sometimes rendering might be required. Also if you can't do xplode transitions, for example, you can right click on the transition and hit "rendering".


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          The EDIUS mantra Is REALTIME ALL THE TIME (unless you have to render)....

          The purpose of rendering is to allow the computer to WORK OUT what you are asking it to do..........

          The slower pc will take longer to do the maths of what you are asking it to do! MORE RENDERING NEEDED

          The fast PC can do it in realtime ( It is fast enough to render as it goes without any visible distruption to your workflow)

          The faster the PC the more it can do in realtime.

          MY OLD PC

          P4 3 GHZ 800mghz front side bus
          2 gig ddr533 memory
          sata 1 and ata133 drives could manage DV of 4 or 5 layers in REALTIME NO RENDERING (of standard definition)

          High definition - I was lucky if I got 1 or 2 streams realtime and the pc bogged down if the 2 streams went on for too long on the timeline

          MY NEW PC

          Intel quad core 3ghz with 1333 mghz front side bus
          2 gig ddr3 1333 mghz ram
          2 tb raid 0
          all sata 2 drives

          will do as many standard definition layers as you can throw at it

          Plus 4+ streams of HD in realtime no need to render

          Hope that makes sense............
          Asus P5K64WS, Intel Core 2 Quad QX6850 Extreme CPU, Saphire HD 3850 512mb graphics, WDraptor160 OS, Highpoint Rocket raid 2310 4 x 500gig Seagate sata 2 se drives in raid 0, NXe and Edius 5.51 Imaginate 2.
          Procoder 3.06 and various Prodad add-ons