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Locking window sizes/orientation for a specific project

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  • Locking window sizes/orientation for a specific project

    I use EDIUS 8 at my job and several of my coworkers also use it and we share computers so everyone is always re-orienting the size and locations of the windows (such as the player and recorder windows, timeline, bin window, audio meter) to how it's more comfortable for them (which doesn't work for everyone else). Not that it is a huge deal, but it would be great if I can open the project that I made which I consistently use to do my work and to not have to resize and re-position every window each time I open it, fixing it from the previous user (nobody else uses my project besides me, but EDIUS seems to retain those window orientations from the last time it was used). I feel like somewhere along the line I've heard someone mention the ability to save the way those windows are oriented for a specific project and I was hoping somebody knows how to do that. I have tried to look under the settings on my project but couldn't find anything that related to that. I could have simply missed it, or I'm not looking in the right place. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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    Make a user profile for each user and then save customer screen layouts in your own profile - so when you edit load your profile and choose your layout from the list,
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      To add to David's post...Once you have set up your windows as desired, go to View-Window Layout-Save Current Layout-New and give it a name. Now if you have to use the same profile as someone else, you can go to View-Apply Layout and select yours and it will set everything up as you saved it. Each person should save their own Window Layout.
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