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Edit X is incredibly stable - Thanks GV

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  • Haddock
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  • Hutch TV
    started a topic Edit X is incredibly stable - Thanks GV

    Edit X is incredibly stable - Thanks GV

    17 year user here of Edius and it never ceases to amaze me just how stable this platform is.

    I am doing an intense edit for a government agency that seeing long edits needing to be rendered out, check by the client and then tweaked before signing off and moving onto the next one. I'm 50+ hours in here and Edius has not crashed or slowed down once and the project size is now 806kb.

    I'm not sure how Premier or other editing software would hold up like this but I can only speak for Edius.

    I really love the audio plug ins that have come with X and are slowly finding more out about New Blue Titler 7 that is all good.