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Audio Pan in Edius 4.6

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  • Audio Pan in Edius 4.6

    We have just upgraded from Edius 3.6 to Edius 4.6, and are still working out the niggly kinks as some things are not the same.

    In the old version, you could drag audio clips vertically to another channel and still hear them play out.

    The the new version, the audio goes away. (Waveform intact, but no playback.)

    Is there a setting I have missed?

    Audio mapping is all channel 1 tracks go to 1, all channel 2 tracks to 2, etc. just as in the old version.

    Thanks for any help!

    Robert Chandler
    WAFB-TV News Operations
    Baton Rouge LA

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    In te settings there is a option to use the old 3X panning mode. Try that and see if that helps :)



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      That wasn't the answer, but it led me to it.

      On the same page is a seperate audio mapping regimen that had DIFFERENT settings than the main project audio mapping regimen.

      Once those two were reconciled--Nirvana!!

      Thanks for getting me there.

      Robert Chandler
      WAFB-TV News Operations
      Baton Rouge LA