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  • Closed Caption - Do in Edius or

    I have a project that sees 2 hours of vision requiring subtitles. Final product will go on YouTube but the client does not want to go with the YouTube Closed Captions option (although I think its fine)

    Content is mainly 4 keynote speakers doing zoom like presentations. Option 1 is to manually type up using quick titler within Edius. I just did the following tests to see how long it might take;

    - 30 seconds of vision took me a little under 3 minutes.
    - So one minute takes 6 minutes. Ratio is therefore 1-6
    - 60 minutes should take 6 hours
    - 2 hours of vision should take 12 hours

    Plus review time.

    Option is to send off to someone like

    Anyone on here have experience with them?

    What about putting .SRT files into an uploaded YouTube video?

    Thanks in advance

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    You can make subtitles in EDIUS if you have VisTitle. Without that what I did was to get YouTube to transcribe them and then edit the results. I did it in Resolve (you can use the free version) which I found quicker then editing it with YouTube. I made a video about it which you can see here:
    Adobe Premiere recently added the ability to transcribe automatically and in a couple of tests I did it worked very well (although my tests were with a clear voice over) - so if you have access to Premiere or could start a 7 day trial you could use that.
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      Subtitle Edit can also do this for you. Do the text work in there with a guide video and export as an FCP XML with images. Make sure to select the use full path and full frame image options when setting the options in the export dialogue. Import the xml into Edius, then copy the contents of the resulting timeline to a new video track on your master timeline.

      I have a few posts on here going over this and several other captioning related things if you want to search them out
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        I use once a year for a production that goes on local television. It's a one hour musical concert. Sometimes they sing in Latin. I submit everything online and get the file back within 24 hours. Very accurate results. Cost is about a $1 a very economical. Never had a problem.