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  • Error- Render Service

    I have a 45 minute clip (several 3-4 minute songs, 1080p,nested sequences, some effects). I duplicated it and created 2 timelines and created a part 1 and part 2 (both about the same length). I added the same intro and outro sequences to both. Part 2 (which has 8 songs) rendered (H.265) with no problem. Part 1 gave me a "Error - Render Service failed to export" message. error render service.jpg
    All of the sequences and clips were created and edited the same way. After researching the forum: I cleared my temp cache, uninstalled Edius and installed the previous version (10.20.7620). Uninstalled the previous version, turned off Anti-virus and reinstalled current version (10.20.7821 ).. No change.
    I have recreated the sequence two different ways. I have tried exporting each song individually, but only one of the 7 exported- the rest gave this message.
    I am really at a loss.
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    can you inspect the properties of the error, it should give a clue what the issue is
    Anton Strauss
    Antons Video Productions - Sydney

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      I have taken a screenshot of the error properties. In the log section the path shown is incorrect. I'm guessing this is the issue. How do I correct it? error-properties.jpg
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        I am pretty sure that is the error you get when exporting a project where part of a nested sequence is disabled. There is a bug currently which means EDIUS will not export if this is the case. See this thread:
        EDIUS silver certified trainer.
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          David & Anton- Thanks for your help. I finally found some disabled audio tracks in some of the original sequences. I deleted them and now everything is working.