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    Hallo, I'm trying use edius and I have a few questions to user settings of some functions:
    - How can I continuously change speed of clip from 100% to 25% during some time interval?
    - How can I automaticly crop all clips from both sides for a few seconds?
    - How can I change move step from 10f to other value? (shift left/right)
    - Is possible create my own macros for doing of repeated operations?

    Many thanks for all experiences!

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    - Right-click, Duration
    - Right-click, Layout
    - If you mean in Trim mode, there are 1 frame and 10 frame buttons. If you mean the timeline scale, use the drop-down or the keyboard shortcut to change the timeline scale.
    - Not directly in EDIUS


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      Many thanks for answer but probably not good i specified my asks.

      In case of ask 1 I didn't mean change speed of whole clip. But when I want change speed of part of any clip, I cut it and change this part to other speed. But speed transmission between previous part (100% speed) and next (25% speed) is too big jump in one moment. I thought if is something like "speed transmission" which will fluently reduce speed from 100% to 25% during 2 seconds (for example).

      In case of ask 2 I didn't mean change of size of picture. For add transmission to all clip in timeline i need crop margins of all clips from both side. When the number of clips is more than 150, it is tiring to crop all margins individually. So I had mean cut all margins of all clips in timeline at once.

      Thanks for help again!


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        Although there is no facility as such to create macros in Edius, you could try experimenting with AutoHotkey (see I should point out that it is not entirely reliable, in that the occasional key is sometimes dropped from a sequence, presumably due to contention with the way Edius handles the keyboard buffer. However, it is certainly better than nothing.
        Andrew Pinder
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          Q 1 : Use "Time remap" to make a smooth transition from normal to slow & at the end again from slow to normal speed.
          Right click on the clip and select "Time Remap" or "SHIFT + ALT + E"

          Q 2 : From the Settings / Timeline, look for "Extend Clips when applying transition/cross fade" en remove the selection.
          Now the fade/transition will be made within the duration of the clip.
          to apply transition to all clips, select all clips on the timeline with "CTRL + A" drag N drop the selected transition effect on the timeline.

          To change transition time (before applying to all clips) select the desired transition from the "effets" window, right click and choose "duration/transition", change the value, drag N drop on the time line (all clips selected) done.

          Not sure if possible to have a random transition, have not found it yet.


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            Question #4 - macros can be quite productive. Every programmable device seems to have some quirks in actual performance, but I have used 3 external devices that have proved to be helpful:

            1) Logitech G-11 or early-version G-15 keyboards. They are standard USB keyboards (with two USB-in ports, so you GAIN a USB port) that have 3 banks of 18 extra keys on the left side of the keyboard. These 18 keys can be programmed with macros. I have not experimented with inputting long complex macros, but so far it has been easy to program, seems to work well, reasonably priced . . . A nice plus is that if you use this keyboard as your Edius (or anything else) keyboard, the macro keys are right there, integrated into the keyboard; you will not need another additional "external" gizmo.

            2) Contour Design Shuttle Pro. Everyone's favorite USB jog/shuttle wheel: if you have a good use for the jog wheel, it's invaluable (I don't find the shuttle ring so helpful, but others may). Additionally, there are 11 or 13 buttons which are all programmable. Not so good with extended macros (seems complicated), but fine for keyboard shortcuts. Personally, I find the Edius single-frame "jog" on the mouse scroll wheel so handy & intuitive that I don't much use the Shuttle Pro any more; but if you prefer a dedicated external jog wheel that works well in almost every NLE & audio app and, and, and - it's almost universal in what it works in. Hard to beat, and as close to an old VTR jog wheel as you can get for $80 to $100. If you are mostly interested in the jog wheel, there is a smaller Xpress model with only 5 buttons for about $50.

            3) X-Keys programmable keypads. These are industrial-quality USB keypads made for serious macro users; they come in different shapes & sizes, from 16 keys to 58 keys. There are also models that include a built-in joystick or shuttle knob (I have not tried either of those). A bit more expensive, but may be worth it if you're inputting long macros and/or need lots of keys on a dedicated external keypad. Not too complicated to program, and supposedly capable of storing the macros either in the computer or in the unit itself, making it easy to move from computer to computer (I confess I have not mastered the in-unit storage mode yet). These keypads are sophisticated enough to be able to assign a shortcut or macro to the down-stroke of a key, and another different shortcut or macro to its up-stroke (release). So you can spend lots of time playing with keystroke sequences, and who knows - a few of them might actually end up being useful . . .

            Hope some of these help.


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              time remap to 0 speed

              Thanks for all advices.
              In this case I would like to make smooth time remap from normal speed to last frame as a static picture and on this picture continue for a few seconds to dissolve.
              Do anybody have some idea?

              Many thanks


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                After setting up the time remap of the clip, export a still of the last frame and adjust the length of the still to the number of seconds you want it to last.
                Jeff Chandler
                High School Broadcast Adviser
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                  Originally posted by rann View Post

                  3) X-Keys programmable keypads. These are industrial-quality USB keypads made for serious macro users; they come in different shapes & sizes, from 16 keys to 58 keys.
                  I couldn't get through a day without my 58 xkeys. Actually the keys toggle so you really get 116 keys.
                  They're just about the best invention I've ever encountered. I'm always puzzled as to why more folks aren't as addicted to them as I am.



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                    The last frame I have exported to still, but I don't know how set up time remap. The clip is cutted to 2 parts. Speed of the first part is constant 50%. To second part I need to set up 50% speed for 1st frame, than speed will slope down during clip to 0% for last frame. Linear curve is optimal. BUT...


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                      Hey Bill,

                      Went on the X-Keys website and looked at their lineup. Sounds really amazing and used properly, a timesaver for EDIUS editors. However, I found tutorials on "text memory", etc. - but nowhere did anything say anything about recording a "maco" - such as "Ctrl-M", "Alt-C" or just plain "C" as a command and not a piece of text. Muchless - "nested macros" which play back all together as though entered into the keyboard. Do the X-keys actually to this?
                      Alan J. Levi

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