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Finding edit point in source sequence

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  • Finding edit point in source sequence

    I have started filming live music shows in 4k and working in 1080p. I get my original footage for each camera synced and in its own sequence where I can apply color correction, etc. I then put these sequences in a timeline and cut it up into individual songs. After multi-cam editing the songs, I want to go back to the original 4k footage to zoom in rather than in the 1080p sequence. Double clicking a clip opens the 4k file, but then I have to try and figure out where the clip falls in the original footage, so I am only zooming in that one section.
    Any suggestions about how to easily find what I am looking for?

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    The sequence is 1080 but the footage on the timeline is at the full resolution it was shot at. Edius uses its' Layouter to scale the footage to whatever the timeline resolution is. Just select the clip on the timeline, go to the Information dialog box and use the Layouter attached to that clip to do your zooms, pans, etc.
    My System: Edius Workgroup 9.51 & 10.0, Intel I9-9900K 3.60GHz Liquid Cooling, MSI Z390-A PRO MB, 32-GB Mem, GeForce GTX 1660 6GB GPU, BM Intensity Pro 4K Card, Win 10 Pro