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  • Match frame shot marker bummers

    On daily news stories, I will set all of my raw clips as a sequence, then go through the footage and mark the beginning of each shot with a shot marker so I can easily jump from shot to shot in the source monitor. My problem arises when I make a few edits onto a timeline before setting all of the shot markers (say, a-rolling a story before marking the footage, then doing the shot marking before I start b-rolling) then go through the footage and mark everything, then Match Frame back from one of the clips that I edited onto the timeline before placing the rest of my markers. The Match Frame takes me to not just the position on my source monitor "tape," but also the status that that source was in at the time that the clip was laid to the if I'd only set three markers before placing a soundbite, proceeded to add another 100 markers later, and then match framed that soundbite, it would take me to the raw footage as it was when I laid the soundbite...with only three markers laid on the sequence instead of 103. This has often had the effect of wiping out 30-plus minutes of shot marking effort, as I haven't found a way to recover the fully marked raw sequence unless I happen to have another clip on the timeline that was placed after I finished my marking. If you *do* have a clip that was put down after you were done with your markings, using match frame will bring the raw sequence up with all of the markers in place. But if you don''re kind of hosed. When I think of it, I try to make a "marker" junk timeline where I lay a couple of seconds of video after I finish all of my markers so I have something to use as a match frame if I accidentally wipe them all out, but sometimes I fail to do that. Is there another way to recover my fully-marked raw footage sequence when I've accidentally match-framed to a sequence that didn't have those markings yet? Is there a fix in the works where match frame will just point to the source timeline as it is now, rather than how it was when that clip was placed on the timeline?


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    First your post would be much easier to read with a few paragraphs. :-)

    Are you wanting to Match frame Recorder to Player (Timeline to Source) or Player to Recorder (Source to Timeline)?

    Can I ask what station you are at and do you use this workflow this just for packages?
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      I'm at KARE, and use this workflow for anything that I shoot.

      It's when I use match frame from the timeline to find the source clip (which is in the group of clips that I've Set As Sequence) that it also matches the source sequence as it was when I placed the clip in the timeline...rather than as it is now that I've worked on placing a lot more clip markers. So if I put down a sound bite at 5pm, lay an additional 42 shot markers on the source at 5:30pm, and then use match frame on the sound bite at 6pm, it reverts the sequence in the source window to the state it was in at 5pm...minus my 42 shot markers.

      I'm wondering if there's a way to recover my shot markers once I've had this happen...and if there could be a fix that doesn't cause this behavior.