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How do I manage large video clips (files) in my project?

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  • rocfish
    Thanks Anton! Worked like a charm.

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  • antonsvideo
    you mark in and out on timeline
    in export window, tick export between in and out and tick add to bin, once these settings are ticked, they will be remembered


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  • How do I manage large video clips (files) in my project?

    I'm very new with Edius X and want to make sure I'm proceeding correctly.

    What is the best way to handle large clips? For example, my GoPro camera(s) are set on a 20 minute loop so every recording I make is up to 20 minutes in length. When I bring the clip (file) into the bin and then place it on the timeline, I find that after editing, I only really need 3 to 5 minutes of this 20 minute clip. The problem is, my current project will have more than 70, 20 minute clips which will overwhelm the capacity of my hard drive. Would it be best for me if I edit what I need from the clip and then save it as an individual video clip in the bin and then delete the original 20 minute clip from my hard drive? This would certainly save a ton of hard drive space but is this the best way to proceed?

    If I do edit the clip, how do I save it to the bin? I've tried using the "IN-OUT" on the timeline but I cannot figure out which menu selection to choose that will perform that task. Thank you in advance for the help!