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GV Job Monitor has stuck job.

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  • GV Job Monitor has stuck job.

    I have a job that seems to be forever stuck in my job monitor. The progress is "0%", when i go to the properties, it shows the Status as "Stop".

    The log shows Registration, Start Render, and Stop with a time stamp going back to April 24th all about the same time. It then shows a time stamp of today's date and time with "Cancel". I am unable to cancel this job, I am unable to delete it. The only way I can hide it is by unchecking the "In Progress" mode. Anyone have any idea how to get rid of this job?

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    If your edius is 10.2 try to open the external job monitor and do it from there


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      Tried that with the same results.


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        A little poking around and I was able to find where the job information is stored.

        Job information is stored in an SQLite Database file located in

        C:\Users\All Users\Grass Valley\EDIUS HUB\Render Service\EHRenderSerivceContext.db


        C:\ProgramData\Grass Valley\EDIUS HUB\Render Service\EHRenderSerivceContext.db

        I opened the file with software that could edit SQLite databases, found the errant job name in the Jobs table and deleted the row. The job is now gone.

        I saved a backup of the database in case someone from Grass Valley would like to have a look at it and figure out why it won't go away.