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Clip restoration problem after edl import

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  • Clip restoration problem after edl import

    Running Edius v4.6 on NX express

    I have imported an edl which was exported (CMX3600 format) from a PremierePro v1.5 project. The Premiere project was condensed to one video stream and two stereo audio streams before export as advised in Premiere help.

    This is a big project offlined by another editor on their Premiere system; the idea being to import to my Edius system for online. I have once previously done this (same third party sditor and system but I was on Edius v3 and a Storm system then), so I though it would work OK this time too.

    Whe imported to Edius the timeline shows the clips, offline as expected but all apparently there and showing the clip names and timecode info on the clip.

    On opening the 'clip restoration dialogue' to relink the clips (all media is on the drive so I don't need to re-digitise) the clip names are not listed in the 'lost clip' column and the 'reel name' info is restricted to eight characters, which makes it pretty much impossible to find any given clip on the drive.

    I did try the 'find from captrured files' option but when this dialogue scanned the relevant folders it didn't find any clips, presumably because it didn't know what the clip names were (even though the timeline does know).

    At the moment I will have to go back to Premiere and online audio, etc. there, exporting an avi file of the edit and then import that to Edius to cut it up for colour correction, etc. as necessary.

    Unless anyone out there has another suggestion?

    Mike Jiggins