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HELP! Edius Pro 3.22 with Radeon 9600PRO

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  • HELP! Edius Pro 3.22 with Radeon 9600PRO

    Hi guys, I really need help on this one...

    My graphics card died recently so i decided to upgrade my (Intel 865Perl motherboard) AGP card to a ATi Radeon 9600 colour Pro series (product code R9600PRO 256mb DDR).
    I am running Edius Pro 3 (ver 3.22) together with my DVStorm XA card.
    Here's my very big problem :
    I cant NOT get the preview window to display any image!!
    The video clip is running, even the sound is fine but no preview of video.
    I think this is an overlay issue with the graphic card. I have downloaded ATi's latest Catalyst drivers (ver 8.3) but it does not seem to work.
    If i use the DVX-E1 output, video image displays on my TV, but not on preview window.
    Can anyone please help?? Have a project due to finish soon.

    Would really appreciate the tips!! THANKS!!!

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    Have you tried different overlay settings?

    You can find it under Settings / Hardware / Video Overlay Settings.

    You can use Direct3D9, i think this is default and the older type of DirectDrawOverlay

    You change this to DirectDrawOverlay and see if this helps.

    Edit : today I changed my ATI 2600pro to a nVidia Quadro FX 3400 for similar issues with other software. Still find that nVidia is giving a better picture quality than ATI, also the drivers are way more friendlier than ATI, just my 2 cents.
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      Drexl is running EDIUS v3.22 - at that point, we only offered one type of overlay handling, so you cannot switch between Directdraw/D3D.

      I would probably suggest:

      1. Update to EDIUS 3.61
      2. Check and apply the DVStorm XA/EDIUS DVX canopus.ini overlay settings as documented in the readme notes for DVStorm XA/EDIUS DVX hardware settings guide. (available in the product downloads area)


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        So sorry to post wrong info, did overlook the 3.22 version.