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    the early models from Sony could play analogue 8mm tapes and convert to firewire digital within the camera. I have the first model from Sony and it was a fantastic way to ingest the video. I still have the Canopus DV storm card and computer with Adobe Prem.... one of the best editors ever made... and it worked as it should with no issues.

    BBVolley11 I suggest trying to make a new preset.. after re booting the computer. if you still have issues just use the software it came with and use edius to edit the footage only.... I dont think there will be an advantage in video quality using either one. the fact that the capture cable is using usb 2 into the computer may cause issues. the best usb 2 capture device back in its day was blackmagic.... you might find one on ebay etc.
    if you have usb 3 on your pc... you can still find online the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB3