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Minimum spec for HQX 4K 60FPS recording.

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  • Minimum spec for HQX 4K 60FPS recording.

    What is the minimum spec for recording HQX at 4K/UHD 60FPS?

    I’m using a BMD UltraStudio 4K Mini and while my machine is powerful enough to record with that interface via other capture software and to various codecs including BMD uncompressed 10 bit at UHD/59.94, Edius X is saying “encoding is too slow”. This is obviously an issue of the CPU not being able to transcode the incoming uncompressed stream to HQX in real-time.

    If I switch to uncompressed I then get the error “Destination drive is too slow”, although the drive is capable of the necessary write speeds and is fine writing BMD 10 bit uncompressed.

    I’ve been searching for GV documents that give system requirement for such things but can’t find anything.

    There also seems to be no info about Edius X and Intel CPU compatibility for various functions, HEVC encoding as an example.

    Could someone please point me to the relevant support documentation as I’m obviously having difficulty finding them.

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