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    I have bought a new PC and I need to activate my 2nd license of X to it. I enter in the serial number (and the previous one as it is an upgrade) but it says the number of licenses have been exceeded. It's only used on one laptop. There is an old office PC with 9 on it still which could be the issue - but I don't have access to that and it won't be used any more. I have tried to deactivate online on my laptop - but it says This license cannot be deactivated - The environmant on this PC id different than when you activated the license. Error 4245.0.1D4FE.C4.
    How can i deativate the old machine. I'm waiting for a call back from support - but hopefuilly someone here might get back sooner!
    Matt, AdVision TV Ltd

    Main System: Edius X WG 10.30 - AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X 24 Core Processor 3.79 GHz, 64GB Ram, Win 10, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 Graphics Card

    Laptop System: Edius X WG 10.30 - Intel Core i9-9900K @ 3.6Ghz, 64GB RAM

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    You can check how many times GV thinks your licence has been activated by going here:

    I have a note of your EDIUS X number and that says it has been activated twice. I do not have a note of your EDIUS 9 number - either check using the above link to email me and I can check it.

    The error message is probably because you have changed something substantial on your laptop. GV can reset licences as long as you are not going to use them again on the machine you are deactivating.
    EDIUS silver certified trainer.
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