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Dvd Templates And Text Have Artifacts

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  • Mr Bill
    Edius is a NLE first, anything else is just a bonus.
    You wouldn't expect Encore to also be a editing app.

    Use a NLE to edit and a authoring app to author DVDs.

    Like you said, creating a simple DVD with no menus is quite good from Edius.

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  • Ingwe
    Sorry to say I am very disappointed with the DVD side on Canopus and eduis, if you write a dvd off the time line with Edius without menu buttons linked to chapter piont control the dvds are fine , you better off usesing Encore or even Adobe Premier Elements and there buttons and chapter pionts work proply even with music and motion buttons working.

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  • bhmm9999
    started a topic Dvd Templates And Text Have Artifacts

    Dvd Templates And Text Have Artifacts

    Has anyone else experienced the artifacts around text and shadows when using the built-in DVD templates?

    They look fine when viewing the DVD menu on a computer, but horrible on a big screen TV. In fact you can hardly read the text it is so blocky.

    Is it a setting?