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Edius X problems inserting subtitles with EDL method

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  • Edius X problems inserting subtitles with EDL method

    Guys I have a problem. I am working with a project where I need to insert subtitles. Importing the EDL file imports it smoothly into the timeline. The problem is that I can't connect offline PNG files in any way. Any operation I do doesn't work. I can only add the clips to the Bin and connect them all one at a time, the other group methods give me an error, have any of you had these problems? Thanks a lot to those who will answer me

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    open the restore window and select all files so they are highlighted blue, then right click any of the blue ones and choose restore method, relink folder
    Anton Strauss
    Antons Video Productions - Sydney

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      What did you use to make the subs?

      If you used Subtitle Edit, when ecporting the png files use the final cut pro + image xml method and make sure you select the the use full image path option. I also use the full frame image option to keep the sizing correct. Everything comes in properly on it's own timeline. You can then overwrite this new timeline onto a blank video track of your master timeline.
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        I used subtitle edit as software. I tried the final cut method and everything works great
        antonsvide I tried as you told me but I did not succeed, surely I did something wrong, thank you very much for your prompt answers. All of you are essential