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Chrominance self-resetting

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  • Chrominance self-resetting

    What could be causing a literally reset my Chrominance settings (my manual settings) on a clip from time to time. I have Chrominance in Blend Filter. Chrominance has Combine Filter with PCC, 3-way, color wheel, yuv curve. Sometimes it can reset filter settings and turn on the Show Key itself. This usually happens after the rendering or after changing the sequence. This happened in Edius 9 and now in Edius 10.

    I must add that on the timeline it was not visible only in the exported file. On the timeline, this clip was linked by a vitascene transition. After removing this transition, the SHOW KEY appeared. The previous clip also "lost" its chrominance. Interestingly, an error appeared in the new job monitor on the first transition of vitascene on timeline. After its removal, standard exporting began.

    Has anyone had the same?
    Pawel Chyrowski

    Edius 9 Workgroup

    Writer/Director. Director of Photography. Motion Picture and Sound Editor. Colorist.