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  • EDIUS render over LAN

    we have Edius 8 on work. Video footage is on storage server and other machine for recording from studio and editing machines are connected with that over 1 gigabit LAN.
    So footage is pulled over the network and render destination is on local editing machine.
    Sometimes our LAN crashes for 15-30 seconds and then comes back (that's a whole other issue we need to figure out...) and if some render is in progress, final video will have a black instead of original footage for some time somewhere when LAN crash occured.
    Edius won't report any issue, since rendering is in progress missing files won't show on timeline, and when render is done and LAN is back again it won't report like anything is wrong.

    Is there any option I'm not aware of in Edius to prevent this from happening? It would be nice if it would stop rendering with error message when looses connection to a footage.