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Question about future of EDIUS

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  • Question about future of EDIUS

    hi to all
    Maybe Moderators or admins know: when new features like:
    "A new project format will enable additional options for exchange and integration task"
    • Teamwork editing — including the sharing of content and projects.
    • Enhanced workflow options utilizing the cloud.
    • Intelligent handling of metadata for an optimized media management.
    • Diagnostics and automatic bulk-optimization of audio & video clips.
    will be in EDIUS X? =)

    All these things were announced on EDIUS X Launch, maybe developers can share with us a roadmap of develop? Maybe online streams is in plans or something like that. that would be really great, and a big present for Xmas and NewYear =)
    (Actually Davinci Resolve at this moment moving very fast (lots of features and tools are already avalaible), of course resolve not so fast and easy with EDITING like GV Edius, but it is walking up your heels guys!

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all!

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    By the way, i've got an answer on Youtube:
    Yes, that will be in EDIUS X. EDIUS X Version 10.20 will bring these new features. The release for EDIUS X Version 10.20 is planned for April. t is a free upgrade to all EDIUS X customers.