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About the problems and requests we voiced in the forum ...

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  • About the problems and requests we voiced in the forum ...

    How much are Edius software developers aware of the problems and requests we share in the forum? So do the moderators report all of these requests and problems? Or does he give us a few replies and forget the subject? If so, why are these issues not resolved? Are we not taken seriously? Are we talking in vain?

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    We, the moderators, report legitimate concerns and request to our QA team. (Read the manual issues are not reported as an example)
    It is then decided by the development team based on priority what is done.

    On feature requests :
    Submitting a Feature Request for EDIUS does not guarantee a commitment by Grass Valley to include that feature in a future product update.
    Items are prioritized based upon the impact to the business and development resources.
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