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edius and storm 2 no sound from timeline

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    Originally posted by foundy View Post
    so mr bill thanks for that answer but i would like to know how you configured your comp to get the two of them working well as so far i am still a bit lost

    i have managed to get the tv output and sound from timeline by opening a clip but if i move the clip on the timeline up or down i lose sound but video is still fine
    even if i put it back on the same v track it will not play sound but vdo is fine

    also do i need to install storm video to capture as i see if i try to use edius on the storm bay it only gives s-vdo or composite

    how do i capture with edius with the firewire via storm 2

    You do not need Storm to capture. In the Edius 4.xx folders, there is a folder name 'Bonus' that folder and there is an application there called 'DVCapture'....Use that for capturing, it captures long unbroken segments, plus you can capture from more than one source if you have a firewire adaptor card...(that is a card that you will buy seperatly and install in a free PCI slot)......I capture from 3 sources at a time, well...It also gives you control of the deck or camera, so you can start , stop, my case full need to touch the deck once you put in a tape..

    and on the point of not getting sound when you move the video up, it may be because it is video only on that will need a track with both audio and video....that can be done in the setup just make your tracks both video and audio, or add a video /audio track from in the project, and when you open a project, go to the left side of the timeline in the audio section, and select..'clear all tracks'.......I am sure that the instruction have this in it...check with the manual.


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      Originally posted by foundy View Post
      if i move the clip on the timeline up or down i lose sound but video is still fine
      It looks to me that you have moved your video clip to a "title" track and back to a video track !?

      Doing this will remove the audio from the video track.

      Take the video clip from the "bin" and place it on a "AV" track, your audio will be there again.