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Edius vs Velocity

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  • Edius vs Velocity

    Originally posted by Khoi Pham View Post
    Make a single frame of that anim. and take it to photoshop and fill the frame with black and then the outside with white and save it as a .bmp, back in Edius, put the anim. on the bottom layer, put the other clip on top, drag a alpha filter to the top clip and load in the bmp and keyframe it so that it won't fade, back on the timeline, click on the layout tool and resize it, some portion on the edge of the video will be crop cuz this is the way it is, Edius 3D is not at the level of the now defunk Velocity.
    Hi Khoi,
    I've read many of your posts back at DPSEdits, I am considering Edius since my new PC won't work with Velocity...Do you think EDius is up to the workflow we could get from Velocity...I am amazed that 7 years later (since velocity)most apps have nowhere near the real time the hype would have you expect. Edius however does.
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    Well Edius is weaker in the 3D, keyframing and garbage matte, but I'm still able to do what I want to do with it like when I used Velocity, but I don't know what is your workflow, the advantage of Edius is that it is CPU dependent, the faster your CPU the more layer and realtime you can get, with Velocity Q, you stuck will 4 guarantee RT layers no matter how much faster your CPU get. If you have other things that you want to do let me know, I or other on this forum will be glad to tell you if it can do it or not.
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