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Edius X: Very, very slow waveform creation!

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  • johannesj
    Update 6653 is out, I think I am right that it does address this issue,

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  • Donovan P
    started a topic Edius X: Very, very slow waveform creation!

    Edius X: Very, very slow waveform creation!

    Hi everyone, I've searched here but no result, sorry if this could be repost...
    I've both Edius 9.52.6384 and Edius 10.00.6653 on my laptop, everything seems to work fine with Edius X except for waveform generation when adding new clips to Bin and/or Timeline.
    It takes between 3 and 4 minutes to, e.g., create all the proper waveform cache for 15 minutes of XDCAM already ingested footage, soon after I've added it to Bin or Timeline!
    I cannot find a fix for this, the 9.52.xxxx version still works perfectly and creates waveforms at a glance (few seconds).
    The laptop mounts a fast 1 TB Samsung SSD, all the GV folders (for v.9 and v.10) are excluded from real time Windows antivirus/malware check, this is very odd.
    My XDCAM HD projects are the same created with v. 9 reopened in Edius 10, could that be a non-compliancy problem?
    Should I try and uninstall old Edius 9 to check if something changes?
    Any opinion is welcome!
    System specification attached here. Thanks in advance!System Laptop Acer Travelmate.jpg