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  • Palettes missing

    I'm running Edius 3.61 and can't get any of my palette boxes to appear. Haven't used Edius for several months so a bit rusty but they were there the last time I used it as Many of the settings were showing on my last project which I opened again to check. Tried going into layout>normal, looked behind all the windos, toggled H, they were all ticked but just don't show. What have I done, more importantly what do I do to get them back?

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    Panic over. I found that while we'd been away my children had been playing and changed the screen size to 1920x1080 when they used Edius and I use a much lower resolution. Going back to the high res there were the palettes so I just moved them across the screen, reset to lower res and voila.


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      You should save a Layout for how you like your windows, that way you can always come back and reload that layout and things will be as you left them.