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Edius X GPU Memory Notification?

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  • Edius X GPU Memory Notification?

    New version, more surprises, more questions :)
    When trying to render- by that I mean print to file- an 8K file which was from a time lapse sequence which had been converted in the bin to HQX in a previous project with E9, the file did render correctly in 8K to GV HQX Superfine. But, I kept getting a popup which said "Out of memory GPU failed to allocate the requested amount of memory. Try to reduce the amount of used GPU memory in Preferences>Performance." I haven't got the slightest idea about where these setting options would be?? It doesn't surprise me that there may have been some kind of memory issue, depending on how it is being used. The 2080ti has 11gb of memory and for some functions, 8K requires about 24gb. However, when it says try reducing memory, this would seem to make no sense. So, my question is: where are these settings?

    The only way to get rid of the popup was to close it in the task bar. Otherwise, it refused to close.
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