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Edius NX Green Tint Componet Out

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  • Edius NX Green Tint Componet Out

    Information to remember.

    Today I had a situation getting a green tint, componet out on my hd monitor, I checked all the cable connection, even tried another monitor. So I remmbered Brandon telling me about another situation. to squeeze the video board and the componet out board together. Viola it works

    Edius Broadcast NX 4.6

    EDIUS v5.51 Broadcast - Dual Xeon Supermicro X7DWA-N with E5450 3.0GHz CPU (8 cores)
    4 GB Ram, 1.0 TB Video Raid (2x500). 5 ea 1.0 TB External Video. 2 500 gb Ext, 320 GB OS Drive .. ATI Radeon HD 4350 with 512 Ram XP Pro with SP 3 HD Sparks, VisTitle

    Edius 6.52Dual Xeon Asus P5E3 9650 3.0 4G Ram
    Nvidia9800, 500G Raid (2x250) 1TB&500TB Ext Drives

    HPX 2000 AVC Intra, HVX 200, HPX 170, AG-AF 100, Canon D5 MKll.....MacBook G4 w/VMWare FCP Edius 6.2

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    Yup, in multi-part boardsets ("sandwiched" boards) or daughtercard scenarios, it's good to check the connection. The heating/cooling of system use, as well as jarring from (ab)use can work them loose over time.

    And another possible solution for the same problem...

    If you encounter "The Incredible Hulk" effect in a known-good setup, also check that the monitor is set for (and supports) YPbPr input and not just RGB.