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What GPU for Edius X and what do they do? Is there a GV document that explains this?

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  • What GPU for Edius X and what do they do? Is there a GV document that explains this?

    Having read a number of posts on the forum that are incorrect about Edius X and its use of GPUs, I'm wondering if it'd be a good idea for GV to have a definitive document of compatible GPUs and also explain what type of GPU does what within Edius X's processing workloads.

    I think such a document would be a massive help to anyone thinking of buying or upgrading to Edius X, and would also help to alleviate the misunderstandings on the forum.

    If there is such a document then please forgive my questioning and suggestion, I've not managed to find one.

    If indeed such a GV document is created to help and assist Edius X users, it may be an idea to have it as a sticky post on the forum.

    Here are some considerations for such a document, I'm sure others can think of other useful and helpful points.

    1. Which GPUs are used for decoding which codecs?

    2. Which GPUs are used for encoding which codecs?

    3. Which GPUs are used to process which effects?

    4. Does Edius X scale its usage of a particular GPU with a more powerful version of that family of GPU?

    5. What particular part of Edius X's processing workloads are best suited to GPU or CPU?

    6. Are there any limiting factors with regard bit depth for any of Edius X's processing workloads that use a GPU?

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    Fully agree on everything.
    There are no specifics to understand better
    based on your use a list of video cards and penformance
    in export. ecc.
    Why hasn't the rendering with the nvidia gpu been implemented with h264?


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      I think I will stick with edius 7 for now... why... it works VERY well.