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(ASK) Edius VS Final card Pro

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  • (ASK) Edius VS Final card Pro

    here, i now i'm really confuse to decide which one is better? because im just wanna learn to edit.

    between final card pro and edius?

    please gime me your opinion?

    Thanx. (for information I'm in indonesian)

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    If you have a Windows machine, download the EDIUS demo and give it a try.
    Just asking for a opinion won't really apply to your situation and how you like to edit.


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      Final Cut Pro is a Macintosh application, and Edius for Windows. That should figure prominently into your decision making.


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        Yeah I have both, but we're predominantly EDIUS users. If you could do both, that'd be much better.

        Give EDIUS a try as KH stated, you'll love it. For FCP, you need to go to an Apple store (if you guys have it there in Indonesia) and give it a test drive.


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          That was me... I'm gold, he's purple. ;-)


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            Do'h! Sorry Brandon, I'm really tired and out of focus didn't see the names :(


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              Np - it's just a couple of curly lines that make the difference...

              As for the OP's question... There are things FCP does well, there are things EDIUS does well. It's really a matter of what kind of video you edit, and what your workflow is.

              So if you can give people a better idea of what kind of video you edit, what equipment you use, etc, then they can give you better feedback.


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                alo winato ;) aku hartono dr surabaya.
                i'm edius users for 3 years now..tried premiere pro n final cut pro.. but i fell in love with edius with its real time editing ;)
                hard for the first 6 days at the beginning..but very easy indeed when u understand the 'language' of it.. chromakey is good n real time!
                try to install edius 4 before u go to 4.5 coz it has different skin.
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                  I have pretty much all of the editing solutions and for what its worth I like Edius. In my opinion editing programs are made with a purpose in mind I think FCP was made for film guys (which im not) so if you edit film that might be your solution. Edius looks like it was made for the guy who just wants to get the edit done. I think Premiere is somewhere between the 2. my running joke Edius was made for those who get paid by the job FCP was made for those who get paid by the hour.

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                    This is not a Canopus or FCP bash but rather a few things to think about when choosing a NLE solution. Edius might be a tad bit better than Premiere Pro as a NLE but you have to factor in the integration with Encore, AE, Photoshop and Illustrator when using PP CS3. On a P4 at 3.2 GHZ Edius wins hands down but now that I have a Core 2 Dual I get enough realtime with Premiere Pro to do over the shoulder edits for my clients. Edius has more realtime power but I do not need more than what Premiere Pro gives me most of the time. I also find the GUI of Premiere Pro much more refined than Edius's plugin aproach for effects. In my opinion they both are good programs but after NAB I think I will invest in the CS3 package deal. To me the CS3 package and FCS are both offering a complete solution as opposed to just a good editing solution. Because Encore offers Blue Ray support and DVD Studio Pro does not some FCP user have opted to use PP CS3 over FCP for clients who need Blue Ray out put.
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                      i totally agree with the integration of other programs I have always thought that was a major weakness of Edius. Espcially when canopus has programs like Imaginate that they could have integrated to really improve the feature set of Edius or at least partnered with someone. I personally have treid to migrate away from Edius 4 or 5 times but I keep coming back because of the type of work I do. Even with the Encore integration I save more time with Edius ie being able to drag one transistion to a bunch of clips and have it apply all at once or having the clips automaticly ripple to allow for handles 2 things that Premiere and FCP dont do. Also I havent found either FCP or Premiere to accept near as many file types than Edius or handle them as well ie editing Mpeg-2 with DV smoothly. what we need is a Encore/After Effects/Photoshop plug-in for Edius:)

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                        I just started to try out Edius last week (downloadet the trial), and I must say, for my needs it's perfect. I have been editing on other NLE's which I also like, but Edius gives me theese advantages that I like in my work:

                        Timeline direct to DVD
                        Fast MPEG2 encoding
                        Troublefree HVD -> to SD downconvert
                        Realtime preview

                        I have not tried FCP for real - I must say I have been tempted a lot of times to buy a mac and FCP to try it, but I always end up with my PC's again, and yesterday I just ordered my 'real' Edius Pro, so I guess I'll stick arround my PC's for another while :)

                        I think you should go and try both for a typical job of yours to se how it is, that's what I did with Edius. You can compare some facts like renderingtime etc. between NLE's but imho it is very hard to compare workflow.

                        Good luck in choosing... :)

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