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  • HDV to SD 4:3 made easy

    A new feature I could use in a future Edius upgrade is a 4:3 SD output from an HDV timeline. Right now if you change an HDV project to SD output you get 16:9 SD. If you want 4:3 you have to use the layout tool. If you have a lot of clips then you have to use the layout tool on each clip and choose "fit to height". Or you can export to m2t file and bring that back into the timeline and use the layout tool (F7) and make it 4:3 SD. Making a sequence of the clips and then trying to use the layout tool won't work. Edius still thinks of it as multiple clips in the sequence. So there is presently no easy way to do this.

    A lot of my clients prefer to view screeners in SD 4:3. Some have not switched over to broadcasting in HD yet either. And some don't even have an hdv deck. So it's a whole lot easier and less time consuming to send out SD 4:3 screeners on a DVD vs. HDV screeners for me. I would think that having an output setting of 4:3 SD would not be too difficult to add to Edius' output settings. Well, in any event, just thought I would mention something that would be very useful . . . for me at least. Thanks!
    Jim Edds

    Edius 5.51, I7 980x Hex Core, 3.33 GHz, 12GB DDR3, HD Spark, 250GB SSD, Win7 64 bit, 4x2TB RAID 5 eSATA array (200-225mb/sec), 4 hot swappable internal SATAII misc.. drives; Cams: Panasonic AG-DVX200, Go Pro; Edius 5.51/HP 8710W & 17 in mid 2010 MBP/Adobe CC suite.

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    Since the future is widescreen, I don't think people should have problems with letterboxed versions of their video on 4:3 screens. Maybe it's just me, heh.

    You can always export to Canopus HQ (instead of m2t) and pop it in a 4:3 project and export to 4:3.