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no audio from timeline

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  • no audio from timeline

    i have just installed 4.51 pro with storm 2 and i cannot get any sound from the timeline and can only get sound when played via the playback monitor
    which uses the sound card and not the storm card

    i have just uninstalled prem 6.5 but before i unistalled prem there was sound from timeline but now nothing from edius

    also how do i change the colour of the interface as i don't like the black one

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    change the project setting to onchi output...
    and about the interface, go to aplication settings...


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      Make sure that the output from the Storm card is connected to your playback monitor.

      If you want to use your "System" sounds also, connect the Storm Audio output to your onboard soundcard line inputs.
      Then go to the audio property setting in control panel (or taskbar) and dubbel click the "loudspeaker" icon.

      Select in the properties "recording" then select "line" input (set to unmute if needed) and adjust audio level.

      Now you should have Windows system sounds & Storm card sounds when the onboard audio card is connected to you monitor speakers.


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        no sound from timeline

        thanks for the help
        i will try all your suggestions