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JVC GZ-HD7US and Edius

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  • JVC GZ-HD7US and Edius

    I am thinking about buying the JVC GZ-HD7US hi-def hard drive 3ccd camcorder. Will this work with Edius Pro 4.6. Does anyone know anything about this camcorder, or do you have any other recommendations for a consumer hi-def camcorder. Thanks for the help.

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    I have no opinion on the camera itself, but the Everio series are supported by EDIUS.


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      I can confirm that Edius v4.5 handles the .TOD files produced by the HD7 Everio.
      I connected the camera to PC via USB and just dragd them over.
      ProCoder cannot see the .TOD files though.

      As for the camera, its generally OK, picture quality is fine but I have found that too much fiddling with effects on the timeline makes the picture deteriorate quickly.
      The Stabilisation is not that good, Fujinon lens is nice, screen is good, menu system is easy to navigate.
      External mics are connected via minijack.
      Its light, batteries last an acceptable amount of time and it will shoot full HD, although we use it on the 1440 CBR setting as we prefer the picture.
      We use it as a second camera for poking where we don't want to risk the main camera.
      System 1 - Win7 64/Edius 5.51/Asus P8/8Gb RAM/RAID0/i7 2600K OC/nVidia Quadra 600
      System 2 - Win XP/Edius v4.61/Asus P5 DH Deluxe/4Gb RAM/RAID0/Quad Core 2.4Ghz Q6600/nVidia 9800GT 512Mb/NXHD + other stuff