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    I'm shopping for an eSATA external drive. We'll be using it with XP Pro machines for video with Edius. At least 1Tb, maybe bigger if the price is right. . .
    Main Edit Station: Edius 6.02, Gigabyte UD5, i7-950 @ 4.0, GTX 470, 12 GB GSkil, HD Spark, 4 TB RAID0 WD RE Video Drive, 2 TB RAID0 Render Drive
    2nd Computer: Edius 6.03, Asus P6X58D-E, i7-950 @ 3.07, Radeon 2600, 6 GB Corsair, 1.5 TB RAID0 Video Drive

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    Do a search on external drives and you will find a lot of practical info here. I just went through this exercise and I bought Antec single drive enclosures which are extremely quite and run very cool.....great product. Micro warehouse has Seagate 7200 rpm, 750 gb drives on sale for $160.00 This combination will work as eSata or USB. I even use one of these as a portable USB drive for my laptop.



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      I'm with Gunn on this one!

      The Antec case MX-1 is nice and has built in fan and is quiet on the desktop PLUS and its a big plus you decide what drive goes in!! So you can fit an enterprise class drive in it:-)

      Prebuilt external drives/enclosures have standard drives AFAIK!

      so the ANTEC enclosure with eSATA and a 1TB Seagate Barracuda ES drive! is my setup for backup and its been fine so far!

      Just dont expect too much of it while editing HD but Standard DV will be No problem
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      Procoder 3.06 and various Prodad add-ons


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        Amazon has the Antec MX-1 USB/e-SATA 3.5-Inch Hard Drive Enclosure for $16.99 Shipped After Rebate through March 23rd. Hurry!