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Rendering out in 5.1 Audio

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  • Rendering out in 5.1 Audio

    Hi all.

    When creating a DVD for a wedding client usually I render out using the mpeg generic and choose AC3 as the audio format which gives me a Stereo Dolby Digital Disc in the end. However, I have come across the odd client who has never played a DVD-R stereo disc before, but rather plays/owns commercially released movies with a 5.1 audio sound track.

    The problem is, this type of client can't hear a stereo track if their DVD is set up to hear 5.1 only.

    So my question is, is there a pain free way I can deliver a DVD with a 5.1 track? I would prefer to do this in Edius instead of using a 3rd party utility. Even though it's not true surround sound I need to give them something to listen to without going to their home and setting the preferences up in their player's menu.

    thanks in advance

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    Hi Emmanuel,

    It's not truly very easy to do in EDIUS, it's not setup that way, the best way is with another like Vegas8 or Sound Forge9 with 5.1 encoder option.

    However, any home theatre system should still use the AC3 2.0 to split it into a surround mode. They haven't got it setup right if they can't hear anything from DD 2.0 tracks.
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      You need EDIUS Broadcast as a minimum to produce 5.1 AC-3 from an EDIUS timeline. With that, you can create a project that permits 8 channels of audio. This is limited to DVCPRO HD projects only, but there's no rule saying you can't just make a new project just for audio purposes.

      You then need to lock each separate audio channel to the corresponding audio track:

      A1 Mono Channel 1 -> Front Left
      A2 Mono Channel 2 -> Front Right
      A3 Mono Channel 3 -> Centre
      A4 Mono Channel 4 -> LFE
      A5 Mono Channel 5 -> Surround Left
      A6 Mono Channel 6 -> Surround Right

      Then simply export your audio as an AC-3 file, and choose one of the 5.1 options, depending on the bitrate you'd like to use (e.g. 384kbps).

      Honestly though, a third party application (like Pyramix) is a much more elegant solution.


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        Also you can do it in a simple way (not professional although)

        Export your sound from edius in wave.

        Then open the Nero wave editor and then

        Edit -> Convert Sample Format
        There are options to choose for bit depth and sample rate
        and for mono - stereo - Surround 5.1 - Surround 7.1

        Choose the 5.1 and you wave will be converted to 5.1

        export it and from Nero-Make Movie Put The mpeg video from edius with no-sound
        and in the audio channel put your 5.1 exported audio.

        Simply burn it and you will have a DVD video with surround 5.1


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          Thanks guys for your help. Certainly a couple of options there i can use as a solution.

          thanks again