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4.6 Expiry message - rogue dll - Fixed for me

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  • 4.6 Expiry message - rogue dll - Fixed for me

    Having fixed my problem with fresh OS install to a new partition I have been looking at the file differences and came across a stange dll file called

    pavedius.dll in the \windows\system32 folder. this file is by Alone software around 5k. I replaced this file with the one from my working install and 4.6 working fine... no expiry message.

    I do not know what or why this file is here but might help steer people in the right direction.

    There is also a pavedius4db.dll which when copied over the above file also fixes the issue, but I do not know if there may be other consequences.

    Any of you with the error want to check this file out and try this out. I spent 4 hours creating a new OS partition today to work with 4.6 and this fix which seems to be working fine takes 5 seconds !

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    I wasn't going to say anything about this until I knew more and had more results, but I think this may help most people. I have been quietly having some people that have the problem use this exact method. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. It is worth a try


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      The issue has been identified in Japan and a fix is expected to be incorporated into the next service release (presently 4.61), due next month.


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        Well there you go.........have Japan issued any details of what was actually happening.



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          I asked the same question and the answer was no.


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            How can I get the files?

            This is an easy fix, but i don't want to install another partition and to reinstall Edius on it, just to get those 2 files.

            Question is: how can I get these 2 small files without having to install on another partition?

            Thanks for your answer.

            BigRick, Montreal, Canada

            EDIUS 8.3 with HDSpark - Intel I7-3770k, 16 GB Ram, Windows 10 64bit Home Premium, ASUS GF GTX560 TI 1 Gb Video Card and Intel® HD Graphics 4000, 2 X LCD 24" Monitors (1920X1200), 1 X LCD 32" Television
            1 SSD Samsung 500 Gb (System),1 SSD Samsung 500 Gb (Video data), 2 X 3TB Sata II, and others


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              You do NOT have to do anything other than delete and replace a single dll certainly not to reinstall OS, new partitions etc. If Jasser had read a PM when it was sent he would not have had to do a song and to speak.

              Although I had discovered this fix 3 weeks ago without any confirmation of WHY it happened to a few and also whether it was a case of the dll re-registering in the registry - thing was the dll was NOT corrupt. It was replaced by exactly the same file and if it was and it worked and then that one was then replaced by the original one, it still worked - so go figure that mess!! No one at GV is going to offer a solution that engineering have not OK'd unless it could be justified. I shared my info with GV and one or two others to let them pick it up. Thing is it may or may not work for you but I am happy to email you a file that can be found in any installation of either E4.6 or PC3.05 BUT THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES.

              What does p me off on behalf of those who have suffered this is why Japan cannot release an interim fix- even a manual one.



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                Originally posted by DigitalDave View Post
                What does p me off on behalf of those who have suffered this is why Japan cannot release an interim fix- even a manual one.
                Because of the policies with our software development cycle - the quickest turnaround is typically four to six weeks upon issue discovery, diagnosis, coding, testing and QC and then finally, delivery. We no longer release last-minute hotfixes. They have to be part of "grouped" updates.

                As it is, it was only recently "captured" in Japan, and the next update is due next month so the timing all fits. The issue isn't considered catastrophic (rolling back to 4.54 resolves the issue), so there's less urgency in pushing out a fix just for this.


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                  4.6 Expiry message

                  Is this .dll file even necessary? What happens if you simply delete it? From my internet searches it appears to be an un-necessary file. Here is one URL.


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                    Originally posted by 3chip View Post
                    Is this .dll file even necessary?
                    Try renaming it and you will find out <GRIN> Yes it is.

                    Because of the policies with our software development cycle - the quickest turnaround is typically four to six weeks
                    I'm sorry to attack the messenger but in a commercial world that we all work in this is a daft and somewhat arrogant attitude by Engineering. It should be challenged. If I stuffed up the button routing on a DVD for a client and told them it would be 4-6 weeks..........

                    I always quote the example of my good friends at ACARD who when informed of an off the wall Firmware bug, identified it and sent a replacement "Beta " fix within 24 hours. I realise that until they identified this locally they thought we were all smoking illegal substances but once they had........It just seems poor customer relations.



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                      I definitely would advise against deleting DLL files from the EDIUS folders.

                      Folks, this issue has been identified and a fix is in the works. I don't think there's much needed to be said on the matter..