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  • ? about Canopus HQ Codec

    I been searching this forum for info about the Canopus HQ codec and how to use it. No luck.

    My questions, I read that it is better to use the HQ codec over the DV codec when printing to a file (AVI). Why?
    I usually print to an AVI file once I have a section on the timeline I want to keep and use later in the whole project. I'm given a change to change some setting in the "Print to CanopusHQ" format, but I'm not sure if I should change any or if things are better left alone. In the Print to CanopusHQ file area, what am I doing if I make changes to the setting?

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    the canopus hq codec is way better than dv, it is 4:2:2, leave it on standard settings

    to see how much better hq is, do the following

    1. start a standard def 16:9 pal project

    2. place this still on timeline

    3. export to dv avi and then place on timeline

    4. then export to hq and place on timeline and compare, you will see the difference from a mile away
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